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Fosses Theatre features professional production shows with sets and full theatre lighting. All our shows are produced in-house. This years cast members include James Reay & Iggy Ryan. The Rocky Horror show features local talent as well as staff members.

All our shows start in July and run throughout the Blackpool Season. Special weekends are listed to the right hand side. Please click below for more information on all our shows for this year.

Revive The 80's

is our brand new show, featuring James Reay & Iggy Ryan.

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Neil Diamond: The Story

is our oldest production, revamped for 2017. Featuring the talent of James Reay.

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Shat Ya Cake 'Ole: A Wilma Musical

Is our brand new show for the resident Fat Cow herself.

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Iconic, Legendary, Unforgettable……

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freenulled Gravity Forms